Lanks qwesggys (@qwesggys)
Dec 19th 2017, 11:50 pm

They will be beyond the score, the team striker success in the backcourt steals, JT-Miller sent exquisite oblique pass, Zu Carrelo scored a single-pole after the ball, he faced the cool pull the ball in the left corner Network, 3-2, the first time the Rangers made the lead. The third quarter of the first 3 minutes, more play less cases sent Malkin exquisite long pass, so Knight Quest form a single pole, the latter cool shot through the hole in the fingers of Pavlik, 3-3, both in this Back to the same starting line Tim Jackman Jersey. Today NHL has a total of 10 games, the big teeth and the star team recently momentum darling, big teeth won 9 games the past 7 games yesterday, just yesterday at home beat the brown bears, and the stars without exception, before making a wave of five-game winning streak, Which home and away play Chicago double black Hawk performance amazing. Stars Julius Hulk and Antoine-Russell absent, big teeth of Cody McClelde and Anthony Bititto, Mika Saluchki, Ryan Johnson and Ma Everett missed. Yoseppe - Salos and Ben-Bischop, respectively, two teams starting goalkeeper. Predators first section 15 minutes and 17 seconds to get a chance to play, the star captain Jamie - Ben Gary defender Alexey - Emerson crossbar thrust block. Fira from the left wall after the ball, the ball glide over the ball point, the star guard actually sit idly by against Fiora, Fiiah easy Bisush push Tuishe score, the Grand Teams won the 1-0 lead .

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